Last update: 31 AUGUST 2020

This Policy contains provisions applicable to the website of the company PD Regional LTD., (hereinafter referred to as the "the Company" or "We"), whose office is located at: 9 Barrak Road, Belize City, Belize.

Reporting in accordance with the policies to combat money laundering.

The Company observes applicable laws on prevention and combating money laundering and terrorism financing and the relevant regulations (Laws). These Laws are applicable in almost all jurisdictions that have strict rules and provisions on money laundering that the Company is obligated to report to federal or local authorities in such jurisdictions, if the Company knows, suspects or has reason to suspect that any of the transactions of the User, among other actions, attract funds obtained from illegal activities, are designed to hide funds from illegal activities or involve the use of games / tournaments / lotteries on the website to facilitate criminal activity.

All transactions must be verified to prevent money laundering. The provider, regulator and any relevant governing body may monitor or request consideration of all transactions in order to prevent the commission of this crime. The Company must report any suspicious transactions to the appropriate competent authorities in the jurisdiction in which they are accordingly subject to action and in which the Licensee is licensed to carry out activities. If the Company is informed of any suspicious activity related to any of the games / tournaments / lotteries on the site, the Company shall immediately notify the relevant institutions. The Company may suspend, block or close a user account and hold any funds in it if requested in accordance with the applicable prevention of money laundering and financing of laws and regulations on terrorism.

The Company reserves the right to use additional procedures and means to verify the compliance with all the rules of operations of the company in relation to anti-money laundering.

If you became aware of any suspicious activity in relation to the game on the Website, you should immediately notify us.


The Company`s Antifraud Tool is a powerful antifraud tool developed in order to prevent fraudulent transactions in online gambling sphere which permits us to dramatically downgrade the number of credit card fraud in our gambling establishments. In cooperation with the leading internet payment service providers we do our best to transact business securely online and to guarantee that our end users details remain secure throughout the whole credit or debit card transaction process.

The Company has developed and used sophisticated proprietary technology designed to search and identify users who commit fraud or illegal use of a game / tournament / lottery. The user must not break in, gain access or try to penetrate or gain access or otherwise circumvent the security measures of the Company. If, at the Companys sole discretion, the User violates this section, the Company reserves the right to immediately terminate the Users access to all games / tournaments / lotteries and / or block the users account, and the Company may inform interested third parties about the violation of the User.

The User is not allowed to use any software program that, according to the Company, is endowed with artificial intelligence (AI Software) in connection with the use of the Site by the User and his games / tournaments / lotteries. The Company constantly checks the use of each of the sites games / tournaments / lotteries in order to detect the use of AI Software. If the Company believes that it was used, the Company reserves the right to take any action, including immediately blocking the Users access to all games / tournaments / lotteries, blocking the Users account, and freezing all funds stored on the balance sheet.

In accordance with the requirements of anti-money laundering authorities and / or within the framework of the Companys policy regarding the source of funds credited to the deposit, the Company reserves the right to send inquiries regarding the source of any funds credited to the deposit. The Company may suspend or terminate the validity of any User Account if the response to such a request / requests is deemed unsatisfactory and / or contains information that must be transmitted to any relevant authority.

Key Features
  • All-around multistage customer verification (IP Location, device fingerprinting, proxy check);
  • Customer phone number verification;
  • Customer gambling manner analysis;
  • Fraud management system with more than 100 filters designed for customer in-depth verification to check payment details, payment history and customer black lists;
  • Customer final verification by our risk department at the money withdrawal stage.

To help prevent money laundering, no funds are accepted to finance any account on the site, and the user does not withdraw money from his game account until the following copies were received before the first withdrawal check:
    1. The last bank statement in which the Users rates / deposits are displayed; or
    2. copy of the front and back sides of the payment card with which bets / deposits of the User were made. The first six and the last four digits of the card should be visible in the payment card (if the User has a embossed card, the User must pay attention to the fact that the numbers on the back of the card were closed the same as on the front panel), CVV2 code must be painted over) ; and
    3. driver's license; or
    4. current and valid passport; or
    5. current and valid identification number.

Any identity checks that the Company is required to carry out in accordance with applicable anti-money laundering rules and regulations or other obligations are clear. To this end, the Company reserves the right to request such other information as the Company may require in order to confirm the identity of the user. Also note that additional checks may be required in connection with certain services, which may cause an additional delay in the withdrawal of funds.

When making a deposit to the account, the Company can use the Users data to verify the identity of the User, in accordance with the requirements of the rules and regulations to combat money laundering and / or other obligations, policies or procedures. In addition, documentation may be required to verify the identity of the user. Funds deposited with debit or credit cards will be credited to the user account as soon as possible upon receipt of permission from the user's bank. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that the User stores these funds in the Users debit or credit card account until the Users Bank withdraws them.


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